A powerful tool for working with contracts

Professional software for contract work

Is your daily work with contracts so smooth?

Copying and transfering the same data from contract to contract, spending productive time on boring and template work

Looking for the latest releases and necessary conditions for the contract, spending time on work with different sources of information

Agreeing contracts with the other party by E-mail, spending time checking the final edition and risking signing a contract with someone else’s edits

Is your daily work with contracts so smooth?

Killing productive human time on boring and template work. As a consequence – losses for business and satisfaction of team members

Unreasonable risk of negative consequences

due to low-quality electronic communication between team members and human mistakes in the process of contract agreeing

A bit of statistics


work is repetitive

1 person

Do a job that may be complete automated


bigger effectiveness of the team with the correct software

Our solution of the problem

Intelligent system for template automation and contract creation, with intuitive tools for collaborate work

How do we solve the problem?

Automation of repetitive human actions and processes

The software will automate the necessary templates and reduce the time of contract preparation and human errors

Intelligent assistants

Document Express will automatically translate the contract into the desired language, remind you of the various contractual events and the need to update the template or notify the opening of a counterparty in a judicial or other proceeding

Automatic generation of related documents

Document Express automatically generates a protocol of discrepancies and other derivatives with the contract documents, reducing the time on copying formatting, editing a document

Collaborate in one environment

The software will create conditions for comfortable and safe collaborate work on a legal document in one environment, without the need to use different means of electronic communication

Using your own or shared Content Library

The system will intelligently «track» the user’s work and will offer the best contractual terms and conditions by choose. They will be got from the «Content Library» for a specific situation

Current legal positions of the courts

The system will automatically check open databases for existing legal positions and relevant court precedents and will offer them to the user at work

I would also have taken into account:

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